Petrol Price in Pakistan 2023

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Petrol Price in Pakistan The Petrol Price in Pakistan is advised afterwards every 15 days. The petrol amount in Pakistan applies on all cities irrespective of cities or regions. Here you can analysis the amount for all petroleum articles in Pakistan including aerial octane, kerosene oil, Euro 5, ablaze acceleration diesel, and aerial acceleration diesel.

Today petrol amount in Pakistan for exceptional is Rs. 305.36, High acceleration agent amount is Rs. 293.4, Light acceleration agent Rs. 147.68 and Kerosene oil amount is Rs. 164.07. As per Government of Pakistan action petrol amount in Pakistan is revised alert in a month.

Premium 305.36/Ltr
High Speed Diesel 293.4/Ltr
Light Speed Diesel 147.68/Ltr
Kerosene Oil 164.07/Ltr
Last Updated: 01 Sep 2023

The chat petroleum is the aggregate of two altered words “petra” which agency bedrock and “oleum” agency “oil”. However, the petroleum in raw from is extracted from acreage or sea through the address of distillation. The petroleum itself is aloof composed of awkward oil but in the raw anatomy it may acquire altered types of solid, liquid, and aerial hydrocarbons.

Petrol Price in Pakistan

What is accepted petrol amount in Pakistan?

The accepted exceptional Petrol Price in Pakistan stands at Rs. 290.45.

How abundant does 1 litre of Petrol Price in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the present amount for one liter of exceptional petrol is Rs. 290.45.

What is Petrol Price in Pakistan today?

Today Petrol Price in Pakistan is PKR 290.45 per litre. Pakistan’s banking bearings has become almost airy in contempo years, consistent in abnormal variations in ammunition prices.

What is the Petrol Price in Pakistan in Pakistan?

Petrol Price in Pakistan today amount of 1 liter 290.45, and there is a achievability that it will go further. According to a notification issued by the Finance Miniter “Muhammad Ishaq Dar” The acceleration in petrol amount aimed at ensuring the improvement of the International Budgetary Fund (IMF) program.



High Speed Diesel

Light Diesel

Sep 01, 2023




Aug 16, 2023




Aug 01, 2023




Jul 16, 2023




Jun 01, 2023




May 16, 2023




Apr 16, 2023




Petrol Price in Pakistan

Affected by Rising Petrol Prices

It is a basic time for Pakistan, which is experiencing accelerated advance and budgetary alternation at the time. The government has appear a new backpack in petrol, diesel, ablaze diesel, and kerosene oil prices in Pakistan up to Rs, 10 to 15 per litre. Petroleum prices are afflicted by several factors, one of which is supply. OPEC’s bargain accumulation to added countries generates a acceleration in bounded prices as well. As retail merchants add their accumulation to the absolute amount of fuel, added busline and announcement costs accept a cogent appulse on petroleum prices.

History of Petroleum

In 347 AD, China became the aboriginal country to aftermath and advance the petroleum. The aboriginal bartering of Canada became operational in 1858. However, at the alpha of 20th century, Russia became the arch ambassador of petroleum products. Now, best of the oil in our apple is produced by three countries that are Unites States, Russia and Saudi Arabia. However, 80% of oil affluence are present in Middle East, area majority of the providers are Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Keeping clue of petrol prices in Pakistan is acute for individuals and businesses alike. As the Petrol Price in Pakistan affects assorted aspects of circadian life, including busline and article prices, blockage abreast about the accepted petrol prices is essential. Petroleum prices in Pakistan are accountable to approved fluctuations due to all-around bazaar dynamics, geopolitical factors, and government policies. By ecology the Petrol Price in Pakistan today, you can accomplish abreast decisions apropos ammunition consumption, budgeting, and banking planning. Stay adapted on the latest petrol prices in Pakistan to cross the ever-changing ammunition mural effectively. The fuels that are best accepted in Pakistan include:


• Petrol (Super and Hi-Octane)

• Agent (High Speed and Low Speed)

• Kerosene

• Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

• Aeroembolism Natural Gas (CNG)

The ammunition prices in Pakistan are accountable to change after any above-mentioned apprehension to the accessible and are usually appear on television and online.


Other Fuels in Pakistan

Petroleum is one of the best accepted fuels for cartage about the apple as able-bodied as in Pakistan. It is additionally accepted as gasoline and is accessible broadly beyond the country. Petroleum, or gasoline, is acquired through apportioned beverage of awkward oil. Petrol prices in Pakistan frequently change and can be begin actuality easily.

Diesel Amount in Pakistan Today

It is additionally acquired from petroleum but is accurately ill-fitted to agent engines. It is addition accepted anatomy of ammunition acclimated broadly beyond Pakistan. Agent provides value-for-money and added acceleration. It is an ideal ammunition for trucks, buses, trains, etc. Agent prices in Pakistan can be begin on this page.

Compressed Natural gas (CNG)

CNG is an environment-friendly ammunition advantage that contains aeroembolism methane gas. It is usually cheaper than petroleum and agent and is an affordable alternative. It is best acceptable for buses, vans, trucks as able-bodied as commuter cars if cossack amplitude is not compromised.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) & Kerosene
LPG and kerosene are atomic acceptable to be acclimated as agent fuels but are still acclimated in some specific vehicles.

Oil Prices in Pakistan

Petroleum is one of the best accepted fuels for cartage about the apple as able-bodied as in Pakistan. It is additionally accepted as gasoline and is accessible broadly beyond the country. Petroleum, or gasoline, is acquired through apportioned beverage of awkward oil. Petrol prices in Pakistan frequently change and can be begin actuality easily.

The affection of petroleum is bent with the advice of its Octane number. The octane cardinal shows how able-bodied the petroleum can abide animadversion and accommodate able performance. There are several acclaimed petroleum providers in Pakistan, which accommodate Pakistan State Oil, Attock Petroleum Limited, Total Parco, Shell Pakistan, and Hascol Petroleum. These oil refinery companies are amenable for the majority of petrol administration in Pakistan.

For a continued time aeon of time, Pakistan had a accumulation of low-grade petrol in the country while the blow of the apple was application bigger affection ammunition in their automobiles. Even the best abortive countries had bigger affection ammunition food than Pakistan. It was the year 2016 aback Pakistan started to acceptation bigger affection petrol with a college Research Octane Cardinal (RON), 92 to be exact. Today, best oil business companies in Pakistan clarify RON 95 or 97 petrol.

High Octane Amount in Pakistan

High Octane Petrol Price in Pakistan Today: Among the accomplished petrol prices in the world, Pakistan’s aerial octane petrol commands a cogent amount due to its above affection and achievement benefits. Stay adapted with the latest prices to accomplish abreast ammunition choices.

NOTE: OGRA does not ascendancy Hi-Octane petrol prices in Pakistan. Thus, Hi-Octane prices alter beyond altered Petrol Pumps.

Euro Ammunition Discharge Standards in Pakistan

Pakistan has clearly adopted the Euro V discharge standards to advance agent achievement of our vehicles.This additionally helps actualize a greener ambiance for Pakistan’s approaching generations.

Previously, Pakistan adopted the Euro II Discharge Standards aback in 2012, aback Euro II was already outdated. Now, Pakistan has skipped Euro III and Euro IV to accept Euro V standards in 2020 which was absolutely alien in 2009 in added countries. Currently abounding countries are afterward Euro VI Discharge Standards back 2014, and would about-face to Euro VII which is accepted about 2025.

Petrol Price in Pakistan 2023

Petrol prices accept consistently been a affair of accepted altercation in the Pakistani media. Still, there is a lot of misinformation that surrounds the action of amount assurance of petrol. There are several factors which comedy a role in ambience petrol prices in a country.

Petrol and petroleum articles are acquired from awkward oil. Starting from the analysis and assembly of awkward oil, to the clarification and administration process, several altered industries are complex in accouterment the accomplished artefact of petrol. All of these industries add their incurred costs to the amount of petrol. On top of all that, the government adds tax money to the amount of fuel.

Within Pakistan, the all-embracing oil market’s amount additionally plays a huge role. Based on the amount of the Rupee in the all-embracing market, the oil prices additionally fluctuate. Back 2018, due to the abasement of the Rupee, the oil prices in the all-embracing bazaar accept additionally added for Pakistan.

In 2021, the government of Pakistan approved to adapt petrol prices in the country by abbreviating the tax margin. Although effective, the action was not a abiding solution. Issues like this are accepted for developing countries like Pakistan that awful await on alien oil. This leads to aggrandizement in the oil prices and makes it difficult for consumers to buy petrol.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) controls the petrol ante in Pakistan. OGRA has a convenance of alteration all ammunition prices alert a month. The new prices are appear on the 15th and the aftermost day of anniversary ages and usually abide in aftereffect for the abutting 15 days. Moreover, petrol prices are altered in altered areas and regions of Pakistan.

The petroleum prices in Pakistan are anon accompanying to the all-around transformations of oil and gas. However, they are additionally afflicted by abounding added bounded factors such as the accumulation of petroleum assets in the country, bread-and-butter conditions, political instability, etc. As a result, the accessible assemblage accepted ups and downs in the ammunition prices.

Highest Petrol Amount in Pakistan:
The accomplished petrol amount in Pakistan history was Rs 305.36 per litre in January 2023. Though it additionally occasionally looms about the 230 mark whenever petroleum articles are in aerial appeal globally, as is the case these days.

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