How To Make A Mango Lassi (with 4 Ingredients)

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How To Make A Mango Lassi: This mango lassi recipe only has a handful of ingredients and makes a healthy breakfast or Indian-inspired treat! This is a very creamy and healthy treatment that is ready in less than 5 minutes.

I have always loved Pakistani food but I thought it was not easy to make at home. As it is very tasty and flavorful, I didn’t think I could do justice to it in my kitchen.

Then I tried my hand at tikka masala and… it was so good! And don’t even get me started on the Pakistani mango chutney. It’s safe to say I’m on an Indian food kick now and will be making it all. To add to what is probably Pakistan’s most popular (and easy) treat, Mango Lassi!

How To Make A Mango Lassi

What Is A Mango Lassi?

Lassi is a traditional yogurt-based drink that originates from Pakistan. It is made by mixing yogurt with water and often contains different flavors such as mango, rose, or mint. Lassi is known for its creamy texture and refreshing taste, making it a popular drink in Indian cuisine. It is often used as a cooling and soothing drink, especially in hot weather or after a spicy meal!

Making mango lassi is quite flexible. Feel free to add spices, such as cardamom or cinnamon. You can use your favorite type of yogurt, from low-fat plain to thick Greek yogurt. You can even substitute fresh, frozen or canned mangoes.

What I am saying is that this mango lassi recipe is ridiculously easy to make and you need it in your life.

Mango Lassi Ingredients

  • Mango: You can use fresh, frozen, or canned mango in this recipe.
  • Yogurt: I love rich, protein-packed Greek yogurt, but you could use regular, low-fat, or even plant-based yogurt in this lassi. I’ve also had success with kefir if you want a stronger punch of probiotics!
  • Milk: A splash of milk will give a nice consistency to this mango lassi. Feel free to use your favorite (low-fat, 2%, plant-based, whatever you have!)
  • Sweetener: The roundness of honey works well here, but you could also use agave, sugar, or stevia.
  • Spices: Optionally finish it off with a pinch of ground cinnamon or cardamom.

How To Make A Mango Lassi

  1. Step 1: Blend everything together.
  2. Step 2: Devour.

Making a mango lassi is seriously that easy! I always like to taste the lassi after blending to adjust the flavors if I need to (for instance, if your mango isn’t quite ripe enough, your lassi may need a little more honey).

Fresh Vs Frozen Mango

If you didn’t use frozen mango, you can also choose to chill the mango lassi in the fridge after blending so it’s nice and cold when drinking. Enjoy!


Prep:5minutes minutes

Total:5minutes minutes


This Mango Lassi recipe has just a handful of ingredients and makes for a healthy breakfast or Indian-inspired treat!


  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • ½ cup plain yogurt can sub dairy-free, 120 g
  • ½ cup milk 120 mL
  • 1 Tbsp honey or sugar 30 g
  • Pinch of cinnamon or cardamom

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth, adding a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom to taste.

Nutrition Information

Serving: 1mango lassi Calories: 187kcal (9%) Carbohydrates: 35g (12%) Protein: 4g (8%) Fat: 4g (6%) Saturated Fat: 2g (13%) Cholesterol: 14mg (5%) Sodium: 56mg (2%) Potassium: 314mg (9%) Fiber: 1g (4%) Sugar: 34g (38%) Vitamin A: 1050IU (21%) Vitamin C: 29.7mg (36%) Calcium: 150mg (15%) Iron: 0.1mg (1%)

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