Hong Kong Black Storm 8-Sept

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Hong Kong ‘BLACK’ Storm Heaviest In 140 years


Hong Kong and cities in southern China are grappling with widespread flooding as the region suffers some of the heaviest rains on record

On Friday, streets and subway stations in Hong Kong were submerged in water as authorities closed schools and workplaces.

The weather bureau said the downpours, which began on Thursday, were the heaviest to hit the city in nearly 140 years.

Authorities had to conduct several rescues, while photos showed people wading through flooded streets.Hong Kong Black Storm

Hong Kong Black Storm


On Friday, Hong Kong authorities said at least 83 people had been hospitalized in the past 24 hours due to extreme weather conditions. The rain also caused landslides, blocking some roads.

The meteorological agency issued a “black” rain signal on Thursday night, warning due to rainfall exceeding 70 mm/hour. The Hong Kong Observatory then reported an hourly rainfall of 158.1 mm, the highest since records began in 1884.

Videos circulating on social media showed rain pouring down on the city, turning streets into raging rivers and residents climbing into cars and other lifts to escape the waters.

Heavy rains also hit southern China, with the city of Shenzhen – across from Hong Kong – reporting its heaviest rainfall since records began in 1952. Hundreds of flights were suspended in Guangdong province as local authorities warned of flash floods and advised people in low-lying areas to consider evacuating.

Tens of millions of people live in densely populated coastal areas in southern China.

Hong Kong Black Storm In Hong Kong, the city’s Transboundary Tunnel, a lifeline connecting the main island to the Kowloon Peninsula to the north, was also flooded.

More than 200 mm of rain was recorded on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the northeastern part of the city between 6pm local time (10am GMT) and midnight – the total amount exceeded rain that an entire city usually receives in a certain period of time. month.

On Friday, Hong Kong Black Storm Shenzhen was reported to be preparing to release water from its reservoirs, which Hong Kong officials say could lead to flooding in parts of northern Hong Kong. The China Meteorological Administration expects extreme rains to continue in the southwestern part of the country on Friday and Saturday.

The latest downpour comes less than a week after typhoons Saola and Haikui hit southern China in succession and shut down the entire city of Hong Kong.

Weather hazards have increased the intensity and frequency of tropical storms, leading to increased flash flooding and even greater damage.


Unraveling the Hong Kong Black Storm: A Tale of Resilience and Struggle


The world has seen countless cases of citizens speaking out against injustice, tyranny and oppression. One of the standout chapters of this story is Black Storm Hong Kong, a movement that embodies the resilient spirit of a people yearning for freedom, democracy and self-reliance. In this blog, we’ll dive into the events leading up to Black Storm Hong Kong, its impact on the city and its people, and broader implications for Hong Kong’s future and location. its in the world.

Origin of Hong Kong Black Storm

The Hong Kong Black Storm, also known as the 2019 Hong Kong Protests, is a series of protests that began in June 2019. It was sparked by an extradition bill that would have allowed individuals from Hong Kong. was brought to mainland China for trial. . Fearing that the bill would undermine Hong Kong’s legal and autonomous system, millions of people took to the streets to protest.

The movement quickly turned into a broader pro-democracy and anti-government protest. The protesters demanded the full withdrawal of the extradition bill, an independent investigation into police brutality, the release of arrested protesters and universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

The strong will of the people

What sets Black Storm Hong Kong apart is the unwavering determination of its participants. From students to professionals, people from all walks of life participated in the demonstration, showing their deep support for the movement. Hong Kong Black Storm Kongers marched under tear gas and rubber bullets and were arrested but they refused to back down.

The image of protesters holding umbrellas clashing with riot police has become a symbol of the movement, symbolizing the people’s efforts to protect and justice. Hong Kong Black Storm

Solidarity and global support

Hong Kong’s dark storm reverberated far beyond the city’s borders. It has attracted attention and support from people and governments around the world, who admire the courage and resilience of the people of Hong Kong.

Protesters in other countries have staged solidarity rallies and world leaders have expressed concern about the erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy. The movement has become at the center of discussions about China’s growing influence on the world stage and its implications for human rights and democracy.

The fight is going on

Hong Kong Black Storm in Hong Kong has faced many challenges, including repression by the Hong Kong government and Beijing’s enforcement of controversial national security laws. This law further eroded Hong Kong’s autonomy and led to the arrest of activists and the deportation of many famous figures.

Despite these setbacks, a spirit of protest persists in Hong Kong. Pro-democracy activists continue to find creative ways to express their dissent, whether through art, digital activism or peaceful protests. Meaning for Hong Kong and the world

The black storm in Hong Kong has left an indelible mark on the city and its people. It raises important questions about the future of Hong Kong’s autonomy and the “one country, two systems” framework to ensure this autonomy until 2047. The movement also highlights challenges. in preserving civil liberties and democracy in the face of a dictatorship. Diet.

Internationally, the protests in Hong Kong have become a symbol of the struggle for democracy and human rights in the face of autocracy. This movement has prompted many countries to reconsider their relationship with China and their support for Hong Kong. It is also a warning about the growing influence of authoritarianism on the world stage.


The dark storm in Hong Kong is a testament to the strength of a united people in their quest for freedom and justice. It has inspired countless people around the world and drew attention to the challenges facing Hong Kong Black Storm and its unique position.

As the fight for democracy and autonomy continues in Hong Kong, it reminds us that the struggle for these values ​​continues and the world is watching. Hong Kong’s Black Storm proves that, even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can be a solid driver of change and justice. Hong Kong Black Storm.

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