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As GAMING COACHES odd as this article might sound, it will be very enlightening. Speaking about something some do not even know existed is a video games coach. Video game coaching is becoming rampant as a profession to get paid for or something to do just for fun. Surprisingly, video games coaching has been somewhat described as something that is easy to do because of the fact that once you’ve played video games and you’re around someone who is experiencing difficulty in the same game, you feel an insatiable need or obligation to help the person out. At times, one remembers what it was like to play the game for the first time, the excitement and the fun for passing that almost impossible mission take for example, The Demolition man in GTA Vice city. You need all the help you can get.

So, who is a gaming coach and what is Video GAMING COACHES?

A video game coach or gamer coach or game coach is an individual who teaches people how to play video games. Video game coaching is a profession that involves teaching people how to play video games. People can learn how to play video games from a video game coach especially for people who want to play but find it difficult to do so. It may sound unusual, but the success of eSports has given many people hope for a future in the video game industry. These people are likely to discover a coach online who can assist them break into the industry. A gamer coach can watch their students play video games, either in person or online via streaming services, and  offers GAMING COACHES suggestions, counsel, and other general assistance as they get better. 

In order to inspire the players, the coaches pinpoint their strengths and shortcomings, and ensure they are performing at their peak, coaches work closely with them. To win as many games—and tournaments—as they can, they will devise strategies and research their opponents. This suggests that a game coach can either work professionally to coach eSports teams or individually. Those who coach professionally could be paid for their services or they could just help out individually to those who need their help but not on a professional setting. 

Though it makes perfect sense when viewed in the proper light. Playing video games with a coach is no different from playing football or basketball with a GAMING COACHES.

Young athletes need someone to mentor them as they get older and assist them get better at the sport they have chosen. That includes honing their video game talents in the modern environment.

It can be really helpful to have someone with in-depth understanding of the game. 

Qualities of Good video game coach 

Although game coaching is relatively new, there are skills and qualities that game coaches ought to have. These include:

1. Experience

The GAMING COACHES should have wealth of experience in their games of specialization. A game coach should know the basics of all games, should be grounded in his area of specialty but may not know everything as he or she is not a jack of all trade. This experience will help to guide his clients in the right direction 

2. Analytical Skills

GAMING COACHES should be able to analyses gameplay and make corrections where necessary. Sometimes, clients may record their games and replay and send to coaches to help them review and analyze. At this stage, the coach is to carefully study and detect areas of improvement to help their clients succeed. 

3. Ability to Play Games

Sometimes, clients might wish to play you so they can practice playing against a tougher opponent. Game coaches should be the perfect opponent for this situation. Some say the best coaches don’t play, but this is not the case with video games. The coach should be able to create situations in the game that will make the client repeatedly practice a new technique. 

4. Communication

Communication is important in competitive gaming. An otherwise strong team may fall in the standings due to poor shot-calling. As a coach, you can teach your players how to communicate with their team to improve everyone’s performance. When working with others, excellent communication is crucial. You should also feel at ease discussing your knowledge and preferred game in public. 

5. Knowledge of the gaming industry

GAMING COACHES not only assist in developing personal skills for gamers but also have a thorough understanding of the eSports market.

The eSports market is still expanding and changing. For newcomers, the amount of information available may be overwhelming.

A coach may teach you useful skills like knowing who to talk to, how to sell your brand, where to compete, and how to properly balance your life.

A coach that has experience in the esports sector should be able to provide you advice on what to do and when to do it.

Benefits of being a video game coach 

The benefits of video game coaching can be looked at in two ways; benefits to the coached/clients and benefit to the coach. 

To the client, a video game coach can be really beneficial. 

It could provide individualized coaching and game-play criticism.  GAMING COACHES offers personalized real-time assistance and feedback tailored to the player’s gaming style, skills, and shortcomings, as opposed to viewing instructional films or skimming online instructions.

GAMING COACHES can helps gamers develop their abilities while saving them time and energy. Instead of practicing previously learned skills, game players categorize and concentrate on the areas where they need to advance the most while working with a coach. This focused strategy can assist players in achieving their objectives more effectively and professionally. 

The players are given a more organized and practical plan for their growth through coaching. Players can receive assistance from coaches with goal-setting, creating training schedules, and monitoring progress. This methodical strategy helps players maintain their motivation and focus, which leads to quicker and more deceptive advancement. Players can encourage a planned and logical mentality toward gaming under the guidance of a coach.

Additionally, they help players become more self-assured and improve their mental game. Numerous athletes experience anxiety or unease when competing in high-stress situations, but coaching can provide them the critical thinking abilities they need to perform at their best in these situations.

On the other hand, the benefits to the coach would include the following:

The first benefit of all is money. Coaching jobs don’t come cheap and are rewarded accordingly to the services they offer. 

Also, The goal of game coaching is to assist players become better gamers through a variety of means, such as through sharing strategies and ideas that will enable them to dominate a particular game. Additionally, by assisting them in creating improved plans and methods for competitive play. Additionally, coaching enables players to recognize and resolve their gaming weaknesses, such as poor decision-making or weak teamwork abilities.

Where and how can one find a video game coach?

In summary, those who wish to become professional or independent game coaches should have coaching and gaming experience as well as game specialty. This would help tutor gamers, the right way.

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